At the beginning of this month, the city started rolling out a new organics recycling program for restaurants, businesses, and apartment communities. The city’s residential program is right around the corner and kicks off July 1. This program ensures that the city complies with a California law that requires all residents and businesses to recycle organic waste, including food waste, food-soiled paper (napkins, coffee filters), yard waste, and wood scraps. Here’s the scoop on what that means for businesses and residents: 

  • Businesses/commercial customers: Check out the city’s organics recycling video with details on how to successfully implement this new program. Commercial food recycling begins now. Use clear plastic or compostable bags; no black plastic! Contact the Waste & Recycling Division to order your green bin.
  • Residents living in apartments communities: Organics recycling begins this month for apartment communities. Property owners will be notified of exact start date of weekly green bin service. Residents should place their organic waste into clear plastic or compostable bags, and into the green bins, which will be picked up weekly. No black plastic bags. No pet waste or diapers.
  • Residents living in single-family homes: Starting July 1, residents will place food waste and food soiled paper in the green bins that are currently used for yard waste only. Green bins are mandatory for all residents. If you currently don’t have a green bin, you will receive one automatically after the program begins.

Visit the city’s recycling webpage to learn more about this new program.