City to Resume Sign Ordinance Enforcement

Beginning Monday, January 2, the City of Folsom will resume enforcement of its sign ordinance. The ordinance regulates signage to ensure that permanent and temporary signs meet safety standards and maintain the aesthetic appearance of the city, while providing businesses an advertising venue. In March 2020, the city relaxed its sign ordinance as part of […]

Support Local Folsom Businesses

Shopping and dining locally supports the local economy, promotes a thriving community, and contributes to a high quality of life in Folsom. Dollars you spend in Folsom help fund vital public services, such as police, fire, schools, trash collection, recycling, and road maintenance—plus amenities such as parks, the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary, and the Folsom […]

First Folsom Segment of the Capital SouthEast Connector Expressway Complete

Phase 1 of the Folsom segment of the Capital SouthEast Connector project is complete and fully open to motorists. White Rock Road from Prairie City Road to East Bidwell Street has been reconstructed into a safer, higher-capacity four-lane expressway. The 3-mile segment also includes new traffic signals, improved intersections, a new bridge over Alder Creek, […]

Folsom City Council Adopts Permanent Outdoor Dining Program

At its Tuesday, September 27 meeting, the Folsom City Council approved an ordinance to make the temporary outdoor dining permit program permanent, effective October 27. The program regulates outdoor dining and lays a framework for the application and approval process for restaurants seeking to use portions of city-owned properties and on-street parking spaces for outdoor […]

New City Vacation Rental Information 

Planning on using your home as a vacation rental? Visit the new vacation rentals page at and learn about the regulations you must follow before listing your rental online. A rental qualifies as a vacation rental if the apartment, house, or condominium is furnished and rented on a temporary basis (less than 30 days).

Targeted Multi-Family and Mixed-Use Housing Study 

The City of Folsom is conducting a targeted multi-family and mixed-use housing study to evaluate design, density, and market feasibility for multi-family and residential mixed-use development along the East Bidwell Corridor, at the Glenn light rail station, and in the town center area of the Folsom Plan Area, south of US-50. Throughout this process, the […]

Capital SouthEast Connector Project Update

A Folsom segment of the Capital SouthEast Connector project will fully open to motorists this June. White Rock Road–from Prairie City Road to East Bidwell Street–has been reconstructed from a two-lane rural road to a safer, higher-capacity four-lane expressway. The project also included the construction of a four-lane bridge over Alder Creek and new traffic […]

UC Davis Draft Environmental Impact Report Available for Review 

UC Davis prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report for the UC Davis Folsom Center for Health project and is seeking public comment. The UC Regents is the land use authority for the proposed project and the lead agency for environmental review.The proposed development includes about 400,000 square feet of building space for wellness and healthcare services. […]

Organics/Food Waste Recycling Program Rolling Out for the City’s Restaurants, Businesses, and Apartment Communities

At the beginning of this month, the city started rolling out a new organics recycling program for restaurants, businesses, and apartment communities. The city’s residential program is right around the corner and kicks off July 1. This program ensures that the city complies with a California law that requires all residents and businesses to recycle organic […]

City of Folsom to Launch New Electronic Permitting and Processing System

The City of Folsom is launching eTRAKiT, a new electronic development permit and processing system, on March 14. The convenient new tool will streamline requests and make it even easier to interact with the city’s Community Development Department.The new digital eTRAKiT portal is a one-stop shop for all development-related permits, plans, and activities. Customers can: […]