The City of Folsom is home to more than six miles of frontage on the American River and Lake Natoma—some of the city’s greatest natural resources. Folsom grew “around” the river and, in many cases, pushed the river into backyard areas of the community. Our beloved Historic District looks inward instead of looking out to the natural beauty of the river and lake. Our waterfront areas are underutilized, and access is limited and poorly identified. But this can change.

The Folsom 2035 General Plan process identified this shortcoming and recommended the city complete a River District Master Plan. The plan would serve as a more detailed vision of future opportunities and improvements that can be implemented over time. With more than 75% of the land within the River District comprised of federal and state properties, it will be imperative to work closely with California State Parks and the Bureau of Reclamation and within the framework of their own policy and planning documents. The remaining riverfront areas owned by the city and private property owners present unique and exciting opportunities.

Last year, the Folsom City Council funded the River District Master Plan process with a federal grant through the American Recovery Plan Act. At its January 24 meeting, the Council directed the formation of a River District Ad Hoc Advisory Committee. Recruitment is underway for a planning consultant experienced with the complexities of community planning, urban design, environmental and cultural resources, federal and state coordination, recreation, and community engagement.

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