Beginning Monday, January 2, the City of Folsom will resume enforcement of its sign ordinance. The ordinance regulates signage to ensure that permanent and temporary signs meet safety standards and maintain the aesthetic appearance of the city, while providing businesses an advertising venue.

In March 2020, the city relaxed its sign ordinance as part of a series of emergency measures to support local businesses during the pandemic. The City of Folsom retired its COVID-19 emergency proclamation August 23, 2022 – phasing out directives established under executive orders signed during the pandemic. 

The Community Development Department’s Code Enforcement Division handles all enforcement efforts for signs placed on private and public property. The City of Folsom sign ordinance is contained in Chapter 17.59 of the Folsom Municipal Code. Sign standards in the Folsom Historic District are governed by Chapters 17.79 and 17.52 and reflect the unique architecture, historical elements, and character of the district.

To ensure your sign is placed in accordance with the applicable regulations, read Section 17.59.040 of the Folsom Municipal Code. For more information, or to apply for a sign permit, contact the City of Folsom Community Development Department at 916-461-6202 or